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The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd

NOTE: While this page is primarily concerned with my latest title, it equally applies to any of my other books if you care to choose one of those instead! Just mention it in your email!

My new psychological/mystery thriller already has some exciting reviews from professionals and readers alike. If YOU are a reader reviewer, this is your invitation to request a free review eBook. It's available in many different formats including: mobi (for Kindle), pdf, epub, lrf, pdb, txt.

The provision of a reader review copy is conditional that you deliver your review within 28 days in accordance with the conditions given below.

If you are happy to go ahead on that basis then please email me at:

This offer us runs alongside the Most Professional Amazon Reader Reviews Award and you will be included in that if you review quickly (two winners out of 20 reader reviewers receive a free signed copy of any of my published paperbacks). Because of this, I need to receive a copy of your review and some other details prior to you posting your review. This is so I can positively identify you as the source of the posted review; anyone could otherwise claim it since reviewer 'handles' frequently differ to real names. This also gives me the chance of asking you to remove any plot spoilers and to catch any typing errors before you post. [For example, note the typo in Annastew's excellent review on Goodreads (Ironically, she called it: "ell written fiction"!) I could have picked this up in a preview! Some sites do not allow posts to be edited.]

Amazon or Goodreads Reader Reviewers

Please ensure you have read the comments above to understand the following requests.

Email me, at the above address, with the following information, after clearly stating you are a reader reviewer:

  1. Where did you first see the offer of review copies that prompted your request?

  2. Where do you intend to publish your review?

  3. If possible, please give me a link(s) to show me any of your previous book reviews, clearly identifying your name/handle in those reviews.

  4. Roughly, how many books have you already reviewed on Amazon? (What I really need is Amazon reviews! Although I also love Goodreads and BookLikes reviews!)

  5. If you enjoy the book you agree to email me and advance copy of your review within 28 days. I will then contact you and watch out for your subsequent posting.

If you really want a paperback copy to review, I am afraid I can only afford to send these out to professional reviewers. However, there is always the ongoing option for you to purchase your own copy (see below), or to purchase a signed and dedicated copy prior to your review. (Details of signed copies here.)

Hi! I'm Jennifer Lloyd.

I can't wait to meet you! I have so much to tell. And I need a trusting ear. The thing is, I could lose my job if I can't pull this one off. OK, there might be risks, but I can take care of myself. Im taking kick-boxing lessons and people soon learn not to mess with me. I was sexually-abused as a kid, but the abuser came of worse than I did. Trust me!

Do I sound a tough cookie. I do come over that way, but that's all down to conscious effort. I had to be like that to survive my childhood in a children's home. Only my closest friends discover what I'm really like, what my weakness are, how I use body language to read people - and my "womanly wiles" to persuade them to my way of thinking.

This is the first time I've had to used those talents to unmask a murderer on-camera, though. But, hey, it should make good television!

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Abridged Reviews
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A fine melding of mystery thriller and contemporary fiction, but refreshingly free of the clichés of either, The Grave Concerns Of Jennifer Lloyd is the new release from Ian Kingsley, and it’s an impressive accomplishment...

Exceptionally entertaining, The Grave Concerns Of Jennifer Lloyd proves Kingsley’s prowess as a multi-genre author and is recommended without reservation.

- Stephan J Myers (Book Viral)

From its first paragraph, The Grave Concerns draws readers in with a flash and a bang. "I plan to start with a murder. That should get me noticed. I’m after headlines and television news. Or, to put it more bluntly: fame."

Murder mystery and thriller readers will relish The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd. The feisty and conflicted world of Jen and how she chooses to navigate her obstacles makes for a powerful, compelling read that's hard to put down.

– D. Donovan (Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review)

The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd is a thrilling murder mystery by author Ian Kingsley, with an authentic British flavour...

Ian Kingsley has created a charming and real young woman whose ambition and logic usually prevail, but who has genuinely believable faults which could also be her undoing. The narrative style allows Jennifer to speak directly to her audience, creating a sometimes cosy atmosphere which is engaging to read, but also allowing access straight into the character’s mind at the most tense moments of the plot. What I enjoyed most about The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd was the utter Britishness of the gentry and the television industry, for the action and thrills of this novel come from somewhere authentic, which makes them all the more entertaining.

–K.C. Finn (Readers' Favorite)

Ian Kingsley has his own style of introducing characters and letting them weave their way through a labyrinthine plot. In this one he creates a sense of place that's particularly palpable and is always in keeping with the characters in play. With clever and deeply layered narrative it's without a doubt my favourite so far.

ML. H. ( reader)

One of the most intriguing mystery novels I have read in a long time. The plot is very well conceived with multiple threads to keep the suspense but it is the characters that really mad this a special read for me. Too often characters come across as generic or wooden but Ian Kingsley really brings them to life, warts and all. A very talented author.

Avid Reader ( reader)

If you are looking for well written fiction that's a cut above the rest you should start with The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd... The central character is strong. This is Jennifer Lloyd and she's a nice mix of complex, vulnerable and quirky. I could imagine her character from the start and I think this would make a really good film. (Goodreads reader)

This was a fun book to read AND I did not guess who the murderer was, which is always nice. The protagonist is a smart, brave and amusing woman! I would really enjoy another book of her adventures.

Turi (Goodreads reader)



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