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Heaven: Lost and Found

Amazingly, this little book shows you no longer have to believe
in a Heaven up in the clouds. Here is a science-based solution.

If you knew Heaven existed, wouldn’t you like to be a part of it after you die? In biblical times, some 2,000 years ago, people imagined it was a place somewhere in the clouds, but that is hardly convincing today. Have we ‘lost’ Heaven in the 21st century?

This FREE ‘taster’ from Ian Kingsley’s parent book: Reality Check: Science Meets Religion, shows how Heaven can be ‘found’ again—a place just as tangible as this world—as hinted at by Jesus.

Plausible explanations for some of the mysteries of religion can offer doubters a sounder foundation for belief in God in an age requiring a logical explanation for everything. That was what inspired the parent book which includes over 70 End Notes linking to supporting online evidence. This taster about Heaven is complete in its own right and just aims to convince you that although the parent work covers many deep topics, its approach is both accessible and entertaining. It will amaze you with its new insight into Heaven.

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You don't need to have a separate eBook reader to be able to enjoy downloading and reading this inexpensive eBook. Click here to read how you can download a free viewer to read it on your own computer. It takes a lot longer to get a print version out and I did not want to delay that long, given all the current unrest in the world. Never was it more urgent for more people to be able to understand why it it logical to believe in God and that science can substantiate belief in a creator, not eliminate it! Science is really the study of creation!

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