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Reality Check: Science Meets Religion

My book Reality Check: Science Meets Religion, takes you on an amazing journey that gets to grips with reality, creation and God. Its process employs evidence, science and logic. Is there a meaning to life? Do you have a purpose in life? Check out the other articles related to this book to see why you should buy it, and read the extract from Chapter 1 to get a better idea of what it covers. If it all sounds too much like hype and unlikely to really come up with meaningful answers, then check out some of the reader comments alongside, many of which are derived from early reader feedback on the Authonomy review site. And please note that most readers confirm that, despite the depth of the subject, the book really is an easy read—even if every paragraph will make you think.

Here are just some of the mind-boggling questions answered in the book during its logical quest for knowledge about creation, God, science, and how they all relate. Everything discussed in this book, and every premise, is supported by associated material and referenced online. This work is a synergy of existing knowledge that culminates in a viewpoint that brings harmony between science and religion.

What is the difference between brain and mind?

Where is the mind located if it is different to brain?

Could science ever come up with a Theory of Everything?

Where did all the energy come from which created the Big Bang?

Can religion and science ever be truly complementary?

Was evolution part of God's plan?

Are there flaws in arguments put forward against there being a God by Richard Dawkins in works such as The God Delusion?

How can man be created in the image of God if we cannot create anything?

Is God to be feared or loved?

Is God cruel or kind?

If there is a God, how can he let bad things happen?

Where is our conscious self?

Can man survive death?

Is there such a place as Heaven?

If there is a Heaven, where is it, since it is plainly not up in the sky?

What can we learn from near-death and out-of-body experiences?

Has anyone given a clear account of what it is to be like out of the body when it is clinically dead?

How did creation come about? Was it by chance or design?

Can the Bible make scientific sense?

What is reality?

How come we can create worlds in our dreams? What can we learn from this?

How do we explain the supernatural?

Are there such things as ghosts?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of classic arguments both for and against there being a God?

Where do most arguments against there being a God go wrong?

Can we truly believe in God, the Bible and science?

Is there such a thing as destiny? If there is, can we still have free will?

As you will see from the above questions, all of which are answered in this book, some pretty difficult ground is covered. Yet, as the reader reviews alongside show, you will truly find satisfactory answers to all them. The method is to logically analyse the nature of reality and creation and to show that everything must stem from a single creating consciousness that lies beyond the confines of space and time: namely God. We still interpret religious texts today in much the same way adherents did thousands of years ago, but in one or two critical areas, with the aid of scientific knowledge, it is possible to gain new insights... insights which bring compatibility to religion and science. Given over half the world believes in God, and most people believe in science, this must surely be a logical conclusion since neither side is then wrong. This book aims to show that both sides are simply looking at the same things from different points of view.

If you are atheist, Reality Check: Science Meets Religion, could change your life by showing you it is absolutely logical to believe in God, and that science is merely a study of his creation. If you are agnostic, then it can show you how to comfortably climb down off the fence. If you are a believer, but sometimes find yourself struggling to come to terms with apparent conflicts between scientific discovery and your faith, or wonder about the loving nature of God, then this book will give you the perspective to alleviate those doubts and achieve a better ability to help others to appreciate there really is a loving, creator God.

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"This is a very intriguing piece. I believe there is a significant demand for such discussions... I especially appreciate the inviting style, which will definitely be a plus for more skeptical readers." (Faith Rose - Authonomy)

"The survey of arguments both for and against the existence of God provides the reader with a way to better compare and contrast different viewpoints… Presenting the strengths and weaknesses of all of these different viewpoints was one of the things I liked most. I was really interested to read these chapters because, as a mathematician and a Christian, while there may be perceived conflicts between science and religion, I believe there are no conflicts between the structures and systems of the universe and God. This book also explains things very well… [and is] accessible without sacrificing scientific integrity… I think the book will be enjoyed by many and will encourage lively discussion." (David Bortress - Authonomy)

"Extremely well written, researched and set out. Every point is very clear. The analogies are extremely imaginative and very effective. The passion in this work is powerful and every paragraph is thought provoking. The arguments are well thought through and persuasive... I would suggest that everyone reads it and think very carefully about what you say." (Gareth Naylor - Authonomy)

"'Reality Check' is an interesting and accessible book... that sets up the basic argument well, an intriguing one at that: proof of God in brain and mind being two different things, mind existing beyond the time-space continuum. At this stage my interest was piqued. I haven’t come across an argument like this before so it appears original... I was entertained and informed along the way and feel richer for the debate. Anyone interested in these themes would do well to have a read of 'Reality Check'." (Ross Clark - Authonomy)

"This is one hell of a book, excuse the pun; and so well researched, and the thoughts are radical on this matter... [the] Albert Einstein line, very relevant to-day and very much relates to what you have written... I was totally intrigued... and found it to be very informative." (Tom Bye - Authonomy)