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Reality Check: Science Meets Religion

Reality Check: Science Meets Religion provides a convincing logical argument for belief in God in the modern world—supported by independent evidence of all its suppositions. If you would like to assist in this project aimed at bringing new people to faith, or in helping those who find their faith challenged by the findings of science, here are many ways you can help by helping to promote this book.

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Click here for more information and video trailer

Click the above book cover for a video trailer and more about this accessible and thought-provoking book which reconciles science and religion—it even reveails how modern science may explain the location of Heaven! If you never thought any argument could make you believe in God, this book might just prove to be your godsend!

Click here for more information and video trailer

Click the above book cover for more information about this amazing, accessible, thought-provoking and entertaining work that reconciles science and religion and brings reason to belief in God in the modern world. It ratifies enigmas such as creation versus evolution and God's position when catastrophe strikes. It also explains how to find your purpose in life, the logic of life after death and, amazingly, how modern scientific theory may explain the location of Heaven! This is an unforgettable and inspring read that can remove mental barriers between faith and acceptance of science. If you never thought any argument could make you believe in God, this book might just prove to be your godsend! Watch the video now.

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The video shown on the home page for this book can be embedded on your own website. I just then ask you to contact me to tell me where it is for final copyright approval after you have uploaded it. Thanks!

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Video Copyright Statement

For your information here are the video copyright details:

Book cover graphic © Saniphoto |
Book cover composite: © Ian Kampel
Public domain images include:
Images from Wikimedia Commons:
Auckland Geddes; Paramhansa Yogananda
Image from Wikia Commons: Carl Jung
Images from wikinews: Pope John Paul II; Stephen Hawking
Image from Wikipedia: Francis Collins; Albert Einstein
Hands holding bible: © Stocksnapp |
Stars in space background ©
Image of Ian Kingsley: © Ian KampelSound Track:
'Soul Stacker Mechanism'
by C. P. Bryan provided by

All efforts have been made to ensure images used do not infringe copyrights but anyone employing this video is personally responsible for ensuring they are not infringing copyrights given the foregoing source information and they do so at their own risk. Because this video includes images copyright of Ian Kampel permission to use it shoud be sought via Ian Kingsley, the author of the book 'Reality Check: Science Meets Religion', via his author website contact information on immediately after embedding the video, giving information where it is reproduced. To embed this video on
a website use its embed code from Further information about this can be obtained from

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Please consider promoting the book in other media such as your online or printed personal, website or church newsletter, remembering to mention the website — or more specifically — so people know where to go to find out more. Please mention this includes a video trailer for the book.

Thank you for any help you can give to help promote this book. Initially it is only available as an eBook but if sufficient people register their interest in buying it as a paperback, this will be undertaken. You can register to be notified about availability, without obligation, on the Reality Check home page.

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"This is a very intriguing piece. I believe there is a significant demand for such discussions... I especially appreciate the inviting style, which will definitely be a plus for more skeptical readers." (Faith Rose - Authonomy)

"The survey of arguments both for and against the existence of God provides the reader with a way to better compare and contrast different viewpoints… Presenting the strengths and weaknesses of all of these different viewpoints was one of the things I liked most. I was really interested to read these chapters because, as a mathematician and a Christian, while there may be perceived conflicts between science and religion, I believe there are no conflicts between the structures and systems of the universe and God. This book also explains things very well… [and is] accessible without sacrificing scientific integrity… I think the book will be enjoyed by many and will encourage lively discussion." (David Bortress - Authonomy)

"Extremely well written, researched and set out. Every point is very clear. The analogies are extremely imaginative and very effective. The passion in this work is powerful and every paragraph is thought provoking. The arguments are well thought through and persuasive... I would suggest that everyone reads it and think very carefully about what you say." (Gareth Naylor - Authonomy)

"'Reality Check' is an interesting and accessible book... that sets up the basic argument well, an intriguing one at that: proof of God in brain and mind being two different things, mind existing beyond the time-space continuum. At this stage my interest was piqued. I haven’t come across an argument like this before so it appears original... I was entertained and informed along the way and feel richer for the debate. Anyone interested in these themes would do well to have a read of 'Reality Check'." (Ross Clark - Authonomy)

"This is one hell of a book, excuse the pun; and so well researched, and the thoughts are radical on this matter... [the] Albert Einstein line, very relevant to-day and very much relates to what you have written... I was totally intrigued... and found it to be very informative." (Tom Bye - Authonomy)