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Hi. My name is Ian Kingsley.
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Ian Kingsley

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What follows is a summary of my books. Click on book titles to see a more detailed description. Please visit my site on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet to access many more pages of my well-established site. Hope to see you there!


The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd

A killer to unmask - on an English country estate. So far the police have failed, but Jennifer Lloyd has a devious plan.

A feisty TV reporter - prepared to go the extra mile to secure her career in television. Blogging deficiencies or a dodgy CV might otherwise lead to her downfall.

A high-risk strategy - accusing someone of murder while filming a documentary about his beloved gardens. Will Jennifer's self-defence skills save her when the knives come out?

"A fine melding of mystery thriller and contemporary fiction. It's an impressive accomplishment... Exceptionally entertaining."
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"A powerful compelling read that's hard to put down."

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"Ian Kingsley has created a charming and real young woman. The actions and thrills come from somewhere authentic, making them all the more entertaining."

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What seems like a picture-perfect family's life on the beach is shattered by murder. And an innocent remark by a girl implicates her father as the murderer!

Set in and around the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Mudeford Sandbank areas of Dorset, England. My main site includes locational information with pictures.

'A gripping psychological read with characters that reach out and grab you. A real
-Sophie King (bestselling author)

'What interests me most is exploring how unusual circumstances throw ordinary people into extraordinary situations. And that is exactly what you’re going to get in Sandman. If you enjoy a good whodunnit then Sandman is an easy and enjoyable read set in a picturesque harbour area of England close to Bournemouth. But this mystery is different from other crime novels for it has a very character driven element that is often not as well developed as in Sandman. This is what gives Sandman that psychological thriller element because it deals with real people who are faced with emotions and experiences that we can all very easily identify with like jealousy, guilt, fear, rage, and yet also empathy, love, and responsibility to family.
-Lilolia Book Reviews

Flying a Kite

When dying multi-millionaire Aldo Galliano offers a £1M prize for the best argument for or against the existence of God and an afterlife, to be produced in 6 months, Bruce Kramer, a dropout theology graduate, strives to build a team to consolidate religion and science. Despite its apparently weighty foundation, this is a light and entertaining read including a cast or eccentric and entertaining characters: PLUS more twists than a corkscrew! Guaranteed to make you think!

This novel is set primarily in Bath, England, but also includes locations across the world including Rome, Lake Garda in Italy, Tenerife, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. My main site includes locational information with pictures.

'Deftly written, original, genuinely entertaining... a rewarding and entertaining read from beginning to end and highly recommended for personal and community library Contemporary Fiction collections.'
-Midwest Book Review

'Bursting with optimism, Flying A Kite by author Ian Kingsley marries the imagination of an accomplished writer and the passion of a theologian to deliver a truly remarkable read. . . A genuine joy to read, without the contrivance of undue complexity, readers who have enjoyed The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and The Shack by Wm Paul Young will certainly find a novel of equal standing in Flying A Kite.'
-Book Viral


Reality Check: Science Meets Religion

An easy-to-read book designed to remove the barriers between (any) religion and science. Science is merely the study of creation. But what - or WHO - was responsible for that? Demolishes many traditional arguments against there being a God in a reader-friendly way.

"Extremely well written, researched and set out. Every point is very clear. The analogies are extremely imaginative and very effective. The passion in this work is powerful and every paragraph is thought provoking. The arguments are well thought through and persuasive.. I would suggest that everyone reads it and think very carefully about what you say."
-Gareth Naylor (Authonomy)


Apart from strong characterisation, I like to create a good sense of place by using real locations with which I am familiar. That's why my main website includes pictures of the areas involved for each of my novels. I have also posted pictures of these places on my Pinterest account.