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AUTHOR WEBSITE: THIS IS IT! Please explore to find out about my Christian books and my locally-set mystery thrillers - complete with related walks in the Christchurch, Mudeford, Highcliffe and Hengistbury Head areas.

As a Christian, I love to be connected with my local Christian Community radio station: Hope FM. My show is called Inspire because that's what it aims to do - punctuated by mellow music, fascinating facts, humour and words of wisdom.

If you live in and around Bournemouth and Poole, in the UK, it's on 90.1 FM. And if you're not, you can tune-in online right now, for free, using the tunein ap.

About the Show

The Music

The music I play includes plenty of currently popular praise and worship songs, plus a secular selection to give a balanced mix. Feel free to join in and sing! I generally go for gentler songs, although I may sometime surprise you. (And myself!) I usually end the show with a 'mellow music mix'.

The Musical Diversion

Quite often I will take a particular artist, genre or period, and play several related songs spread throughout the show. It helps to create an eclectic mix.

New Sounds

I generally play one or two newly released or not well known songs from any genre that I think you might like. You might discover new artists this way. I often do!

The Weekly Challenge

This comprises either The Artist Challenge or The Mystery Sound Challenge... or something else challenging!

The Artist Challenge

Some weeks I set you the challenge of identifying the artist of a mystery song. You are then invited to phone in to name that artist while the mystery - and subsequent song - are playing. If you are able, also name the song. I will give a shout-out to anyone who manages this, and will dedicate another song to them later in the show. They can also choose the song they would like playing, provided it is suitable for Hope FM and gells with the 'sound' of the show. Otherwise the dedication will be to one of the songs already on my playlist. If I talk to you on the phone, I may give you the OPTION of having a brief conversation with me on-air: asking you for the name of the artist and song, and perhaps what you've been up to on the day. Can I look forward to chatting with you? (But only when the lines are open for this. I'm too busy slaving away at a hot mixing desk during the rest of the show! Did you know that all Hope FM presenters work single-handed? It's a busy business!)

The Mystery Sound Challenge

This is similar to the above challenge, except that I play a mystery sound and ask you to phone in with your guess as to what it is. Chat on-air and give me your guess. If you get it right I will try to play a song of your choice on the show: dedicated to you.

Unless otherwise stated, copyright of these sounds is royalty free Attribution 3.0, or from the public domain. Unless otherwise stated, the Attribution 3.0 recordings used were recorded by Mike Koenig.

Shout-outs and Comments

Please use the Contact Form above if you would like a shout-out or dedication during the live show - or a future show.

You can also follow me on Twitter or tweet using the hashtag #ikontheradio to qualify for upcoming song dedications on the show. On Twitter I am @authorkingsley. Or just follow me on Twitter. I give random dedications to my Twitter and Facebook followers.

Funny & Fantastic Facts (FAFs)

The show will be peppered with 'Funny and Fantastic Facts' - or 'FAFs' for short! (I'll be "faffing around" to offer many new insights on life!)

Words of Wisdom

I also offer short 'Words of Wisdom' quotes to help inspire and rejuvenate you! These are mainly in the second hour of the show.

Inspiring Story

The inspiring story is usually connected with faith. It might be metaphorical or it might be real. Or it might be about someone really inspiring!

If you have a REAL inspiring story to tell, and would like to share it with listeners, I will try to include it in a FUTURE show.

Just use the Contact Form above. I will read out the most inspiring.

The Viewpoint Feature

This is anything I consider particularly interesting, inspiring, or beneficial - from the self-help perspective.


There's usually a funny side to most things. I'm always out to find that particular perspective!

Mellow Mix

During the last 20 minutes or so, coming up to the show ending at 10 pm, I play a mellow mix of music to help you wind down before bedtime.

What's coming up next?

My show is on Thursday evenings. So most Wednesday evenings you will find a post about my forthcoming show on the Hope FM Facebook page. When you do, remember my show is called 'INSPIRE'.


Please use the 'Show Contents' option in the above Contact Form to let me know what you like best - or least! What would you like more of? Or less of? I’m happy to tailor the show to the features you like best.


Listen on your household FM radio - in Bournemouth or Poole, UK

Tune-in to 90.1 FM.

Because this is a community radio station, it is not permitted to have the high power output of larger regional stations such as the BBC. Consequently, your radio aerial may need some adjustment for good reception. Point your vertically polarised FM aerial towards the location of Bournemouth University (where our transmitter is located). Make fine aerial adjustments for the strongest signal on 90.1 FM. You should find all the other stations are still strongly received afterwards.

Listen on FM radio in your car - in Bournemouth or Poole, UK

If you have a digital radio in your car you can probably set it manually to pick up Hope FM on 90.1 FM.

If you only get your stations after auto-scanning on your digital radio, here's what I suggest if Hope FM is not being found. It can be tricky, because digital frequency scans can reject lower power signals (by assuming they are out of the area). So, when you are next in central Bournemouth or Poole, make use of the stronger signal and scan for Hope FM on 90.1 FM. Once you receive the station, press-and-hold the number '1' button on your digital radio (or another preferred preset button) until it beeps to confirm it has locked to the station. Thereafter you should be able to press that button to receive Hope FM anywhere in the area: right out to Wimborne, Highcliffe, etc.

Listen via the internet - anywhere in the world!

If you want to get 'Hope FM' via the internet, or on your smart phone, just find it using the tunein app. So that covers the rest of the world!

Hope FM is a great Christian radio station. And if you are wondering about show times, click here for details. See the section below to convert UK times to your local time.

NOTE. Because 'inspire' is a new show it is not yet listed on the station schedule. Listen on the date and time indicated at the top of this page.

Time Zones

Hope FM is in the UK and on LONDON WORLD TIME.

If you are listening in from outside this time zone, click here to work out the time you should listen in.

Recording radio programmes online

There is a great FREE application called StreamWriter which enables you to record online programmes. So if something is on at an unsuitable hour, you can record it and listen to it later. Because a programme recording uses so much memory (55MB per hour of recording), you really need a computer - not a Smart phone - to do this.

See my notes here for more information on StreamWriter.

Hi! Welcome to my radio page.

Here is information about my show and how to contact me. You can always catch my attention via Twitter using the hashtag: #ikontheradio.

If you only know me on the radio, then please explore this website and see below. I am also an author, and my novels are set in an around Bournemouth, Christchurch, Mudeford and Bath. Just click on a cover image for more details.

for LIVE Challenge winners

There are several ways to get an on-air dedication on the show...

I will randomly select a few of my TWITTER followers - especially those tweeting during the show and using the hashtag #ikontheradio.

If you phone me on the number given during the show, and are a winner of the ARTIST CHALLENGE, a song will be dedicated to you during the show. (Lines are only open when announced on-air. See more in the left-hand column.)

The CONTACT FORM to the left allows you to request shout-outs, song dedications, etc.

IF YOU ARE RESPONDING TO A CHALLENGE, please only use the requested method. (Other means of contact will not be accepted!)

Click HERE to listen to extracts from previous INSPIRE radio shows - available via SoundCloud.

Dawkins' Delusion [6Mar2017]
Where is Heaven? [27Mar2017]

All above recordings © Ian Kingsley. These cannot be reproduced without permission. [Dates shown are the first broadcast date.]

I am an author. If you live in the Bournemouth area you can obtain/order my books from:

BOOKENDS, 67 High St,
Phone: 01202-479059

NOTE: Local books soon sell out so it is always wise to reserve or order a copy by phone before visiting the store.

Prefer to order online but want to avoid or minimize the shipping cost?

Delivered free with Amazon Prime, or with you normal qualifying order from Amazon.

Order from Waterstones and collect at your nearest UK store to avoid shipping - or let them deliver in the UK for £2.75.

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As the title of this non-fiction work suggests, the purpose of this book is to show that religion (in particular Christianity) and science are really different views of the same thing. They are complementary, not mutually exclusive. And many of the topics I cover in the Special Feature on my radio show are amplified in this book.

This work is presently only available as an eBook, but if enough of you contacted me to ask for it in paperback, that could be arranged! Please click the cover for more information about the book, including reviews.

"Extremely well written, researched and set out. Every point is very clear. The analogies are extremely imaginative and very effective. The passion in this work is powerful and every paragraph is thought provoking. The arguments are well thought through and persuasive... I would suggest that everyone reads it and think very carefully about what you say." (Gareth Naylor - Authonomy)

You can read my eBooks
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You don't need to have a separate eBook reader to be able to enjoy downloading and reading this inexpensive eBook. Click here to read how you can download a free viewer to read it on your own computer. It takes a lot longer to get a print version out and I did not want to delay that long, given all the current unrest in the world. Never was it more urgent for more people to be able to understand why it it logical to believe in God and that science can substantiate belief in a creator, not eliminate it! Science is really the study of creation!

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This novel is primarily set in Bath but also has settings in L.A., Rome and Tenerife. Click the cover for more information, a video and reviews.

'Addresses a universal question in a much better way than Dan Brown in Angels & Demons where the God versus science debate is just another subplot in another ciphering book; in Flying a Kite it's the main plot thread, convincingly dealt with, and riveting.'

—Richard Pierce (author)


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The above mystery thriller is set in and around Christchurch and Bournemouth. This website even includes location information and pictures - so you can follow in the footsteps of its protagonist, Jennifer Lloyd. Click the cover for more information about the novel, complete with reviews.

'Exceptionally entertaining, The Grave Concerns Of Jennifer Lloyd proves Kingsley’s prowess as a multi-genre author and is recommended without reservation.'

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This psychological thriller is also set in the local area of Christchurch, Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Sandbank. I also provide location information and pictures here. It is about an ordinary family with a beach hut on the sandbank... and how their lives are torn apart when a family member dies. Click the cover for more information about the novel and reviews.

'A gripping psychological read with characters that reach out and grab you. A real page-turner.'

—SOPHIE KING (bestselling author

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