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HOPE FM - A Christian Community Radio Station


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To avoid missing out, please only use the indicated contact method for your requirements...

TEXT: +44 (0)7781 486 528


TWITTER: send tweet to @authorkingsley; use #ikontheradio (LIVE or later)
SHOW COMMENTS |SHOUT-OUT REQUESTS (Followers get random shout-outs!)

IF YOU ARE RESPONDING TO A CHALLENGE, please only use the contact method described above. (Other means of contact will not count!)



PHONE: Sorry, but I do not accept phone calls. Please use email.


for LIVE Cha
llenge winners

There are several ways to get an on-air dedication on the show...

I will randomly select a few of my TWITTER followers - especially those tweeting during the show and using the hashtag #ikontheradio.

If you text me during the show and are a winner of the LYRICS CHALLENGE. The mystery praise or worship song will be dedicated to you (or someone you nominate).

If you email me, and are a winner of the LIMERICKS CHALLENGE, I will dedicate one of the currently popular songs to you - or to someone you nominate - the following week.

The Music

The music I play includes plenty of currently popular praise and worship songs, plus a secular selection to give a balanced mix. Feel free to join in and sing! I generally go for gentler songs, although I may sometime surprise you. (And myself!)

I don't do rap, 'cos it makes me snap!
on't do no techno, 'cos I'm hatin' that echo.
But if you like it smooth, then I aim to sooth.
Plus tales to inspire, about folk I admire.

The Musical Diversion

Quite often I will take a particular artist, genre or period, and play several related songs spread throughout the show. It helps to create an eclectic mix.

The New Releases

I generally play one or two newly released songs from any genre that I think you might like. You might discover new artists this way. I often do!

The Weekly Challenge

This comprises either The Artist Challenge or The Mystery Sound Challenge...

The Artist Challenge

Some weeks I set you the challenge of identifying the artist of a mystery song. You are then invited to phone in to name that artist while the mystery - and subsequent song - are playing. If you are able, also name the song. I will give a shout-out to anyone who manages this, and will dedicate another song to them later in the show. They can also choose the song they would like playing, provided it is suitable for Hope FM and gells with the 'sound' of the show. Otherwise the dedication will be to one of the songs already on my playlist. If I talk to you on the phone, I may give you the OPTION of having a brief conversation with me on-air: asking you for the name of the artist and song, and perhaps what you've been up to on the day. Can I look forward to chatting with you? (But only when the lines are open for this. I'm too busy slaving away at a hot mixing desk during the rest of the show! Did you know that all Hope FM presenters work single-handed? It's a busy business!)

The Mystery Sound Challenge

This is similar to the above challenge, except that I play a mystery sound and ask you to phone in with your guess as to what it is. Chat on-air and give me your guess. If you get it right I will try to play a song of your choice on the show: dedicated to you.

Unless otherwise stated, copyright of these sounds is royalty free Attribution 3.0, or from the public domain. Unless otherwise stated, the Attribution 3.0 recordings used were recorded by Mike Koenig.

Shout-outs and Comments

Please use the Contact Form above if you would like a shout-out or dedication during the live show - or a future show.

You can also follow me on Twitter or tweet using the hashtag #ikontheradio to qualify for upcoming song dedications on the show. On Twitter I am @authorkingsley. Or just follow me on Twitter. I give random dedications to my Twitter and Facebook followers.

Funny & Fantastic Facts (FAFs)

The show will be peppered with 'Funny and Fantastic Facts' - or 'FAFs' for short! (I'll be "faffing around" to offer many new insights on life!)

Words of Wisdom

I also offer short 'Words of Wisdom' quotes to help inspire and rejuvenate you! These are mainly in the second hour of the show.

Inspiring Story

The inspiring story is usually connected with faith. It might be metaphorical or it might be real. Or it might be about someone really inspiring!

If you have a REAL inspiring story to tell, and would like to share it with listeners, I will try to include it in a FUTURE show.

Just use the Contact Form above. I will read out the most inspiring.

The Special Feature

This is anything I consider particularly interesting, inspiring, or beneficial - from the self-help perspective.


There's usually a funny side to most things. I'm always out to find that particular perspective!

Mellow Mix

During the last 20 minutes or so, coming up to the show ending at 10 pm, I play a mellow mix of music to help you wind down before bedtime.

What's coming up next?

My show is on Thursday evenings. So most Wednesday evenings you will find a post about my forthcoming show on the Hope FM Facebook page. When you do, remember my show is called 'INSPIRE'.


Please email me at:

Time Zones

Hope FM is in the UK and on LONDON WORLD TIME.

If you are listening in from outside this time zone, click here to work out the time you should listen in.

Listening In

If you live in the Bournemouth and Poole areas of the UK and have any problem listening in on you HiFi at home, redirect your FM aerial to point towards Bournemouth University, where the radio station transmitter is located. It should still pick up other local radio stations with good strength.

If you live in the Bournemouth and Poole areas of the UK and want to tune-in your car radio to 90.1 FM, either do this manually, or wait until you are driving in Bournemouth and Poole and do a station scan. This should pick up Hope FM. When you are receiving it, press and hold your '1' station button for a few seconds to set it to that button (or choose a different station button). Thereafter you should pick up the station over a wider local area.

As stated above, to listen for free, via the internet, just use the tunein ap.