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Using StreamWriter to Record Radio Shows

A very useful FREE application called StreamWriter allows you to record radio shows (and even to record specified songs from radio programs). However, it is tricky to use because the user information is very cryptic. Here are a few notes aimed at helping you to record a program on 90.1 Hope FM - so you can listen to it later.

Be aware that a 2-hour show will use around 112,000 MB of memory, though, so you should probably only do this on a PC, laptop or tablet. I would not suggest you do this on a Smartphone because recorded programs will take up far too much memory.

Download the Software

Go to and download to a fixed place (not a 'portable' version) on your computer, then run the application.

When the application opens you will see a window something like this:

List a radio station

  1. In the right-hand search box search for the station, eg '90.1 hope fm'.

  2. Double-click its name to load it in the list on the Streams tab.

  3. Right-click it on the list and select Stop (or use the upper stop icon).

Alternatively, use the Genre option and scroll through listed stations. Be aware that you probably won't find many stations that are available this way!

Once programs are in the Streams list they stay there until you delete them (using right-click and 'Remove').

To listen to a program on the list just select it, followed by 'Play'. This is a FAST way to get straight to a radio station and play it.

Record a program

  1. From the Streams tab, right-click the station name and then select Setup scheduled recordings from the pop-up menu. It looks like the window called 'Setup timers', shown above.

  2. If appropriate, set-up a Recurring schedule as either 'Daily' or 'Weekly' - after which you need to specify the 'Start' and 'End' times. Or, if it is a one-off recording, select 'Specific date' using the calendar - after which you need to specify the 'Start' and 'End' times, followed by clicking the Add button.

  3. Check your specified recording requirements are then listed in the lower window of 'Scheduled recordings'. Ensure there is a tick against the item.

It may seem obvious, but it is worth mentioning that you do need to have the program running with your computer online during the times it needs to record. Just opening StreamWriter is all you need to do; you DO NOT need to have the station playing.

Playing recorded programs

  1. Go to the 'Saved Songs' tab for the list of recorded items.

  2. Select the program and Play it from there. Or, use a different player on your computer after navigating to the file.

Delete a Scheduled recording from the list

When you no longer require a program to be recorded, go to the Scheduled Recordings list for the appropriate radio station and select it on the list, followed by clicking the Remove button.

Stop a listed recording from heppening

To do this, without removing it from the list of Scheduled recordings, simply remove the tick against the item. Remember to tick it again if you want future recordings!

Other Options

There are various other options you can select that have global effects on all subsequent recordings.

From the File menu, select Settings for automatic recordings. One option here is the Format (eg MP3).

Recording songs

StreamWriter will monitor the radio stations on your Streams page looking for specified songs and record them. Select the Title search tab for access to this. This is fairly intuitive. Right click a title and select from the menu according to your needs. The Wishlist is a list of songs you would like to see recorded.

The results of you specifying requirements can be seen listed on the Lists tab.

Obviously StreamWriter needs to be running for as long as it takes to pick up your specified songs. If you switch off your computer, remember to open StreamWriter when you switch on again so it can monitor your specified stations.

You might need to do this a few times to get a clean recording, because you will likely include stuff before and after the song on the recording.


If a Scheduled recording does not work, perhaps one of the following was wrong:

  • Your computer was not online at the appropriate time

  • You did not have a tick against the item on the 'Setup timers' window.


StreamWriter does take some getting to grips with! It has a Help menu item which opens a web page, and you should use this to supplement these notes.

Be aware that I sometimes struggle myself, and I do not have the time to deal with your specific problems. My best advice is to experiment with recordings that don't matter very much! Sorry, but I cannot respond to queries!


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