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Why I believe in God—AND Science

It seems the more technologically-minded we become, the less likely we are to believe in a spiritual side to life. While belief—and hence faith—are growing fast in countries still entering the technological age, it seems reliance on technology, and focus on social media, leaves little time for many people in the Western world to consider spirituality, or whether there is a greater power behind this wonderful world in which we live. Unfortunately, it does not help the concept of religion being a worthy cause when crazy terrorists behead, kill children and rape girls while claiming their 'God' demands it. It must be realised such people are merely hijacking the name of the religions to which they claim allegiance in a pale attempt to justify their actions, and they are abhorred by those religions whose name they take in vain. God is love, not death. Evil people will always exist, but their mentioning of religion as their driving force must not be used to taint the purity of those religions. We should never 'tar people with the same brush' as evil people. So people should not write-off 'religion' in a generic sense because of such atrocities.

I live in the UK and it is sad to see so many old churches closing when they have previously survived for generations. It is even worse when they become night clubs. I've not got anything against night clubs in themselves, but it is sad to see buildings that have built up such a spiritual depth taken to a place where spirit and God are far from the mind. It is not what the builders intended when they laboured so many years to create them, and it is certainly not what God intended. Even their builders would have considered it highly disrespectful of God. If there is a God, you can only guess what he thinks about it!

You may wonder why I added the "AND Science" qualifier to the above title. Well that is to try to interest those who feel God no longer has any relevance in the modern world—and to PROVE that is wrong. However, when I was young, I, too, doubted there was a God. I worked in research and development at the time and was trained to investigate things with an open mind: to consider all the facts before coming to any conclusions. Having read one of two books about the mysteries of life, and the inexplicable connections between things, and after investigating so-called 'paranormal' phenomena, I came to believe there was something behind the physical world or, to put it another way: the physics of the world. 'Paranormal' is merely a name for phenomena not clearly understood. So I put my scientific mind to the matter. At that time I considered myself to be an agnostic; IF there was good reason to believe in a Creator God then I needed to see the evidence and convince myself it was sound. In the end, that's what I did. I am now thoroughly convinced and, as a logical person with some understanding of the scientific method, a faith built on such a foundation is STRONG.

I embarked upon a journey which spanned several decades. The result was my becoming a firm Christian with a faith backed by evidence I did consider sound. More than that, my final viewpoint was a place where religion and science truly seemed to be complementary. It is great to have a firm faith without the need for such evidence, but I feel there is a growing need for people to understand that faith in God is not mutually exclusive with believing in the evidence of science. I therefore wrote a number of books to put this across in the easiest way I could: the subject matter is vast of course, and I wanted this work to be both readable and interesting. What follows is an overview of those books. If you DON'T believe in a God then please read one or more of them in order to decide after you have considered evidence which may not have yet come your way; I promise they will make you think new thoughts. (If you DO believe in God, might I suggest you also read them in the hope you might be able to use this material to interest—and perhaps convince—your atheist friends?)

There is a tendency for people to agonize over how to make more money, or the small things in life, like the choice of a mobile/cell phone, car or house, and to not even consider what might happen to them after life. If you are fine with there being NO afterlife—just nothing more after death—then go ahead. By your own definition, this is your only life, so best make the most of it! But what if there is an afterlife and you have done nothing to ensure you get a ticket? What if that afterlife is eternal and great? Do you really want to miss out on that just because you weren't prepared to spend a few hours considering the facts?

God needs your FAITH in him in order to offer YOU eternal life: it is NOT a free gift!

My books offer you a fast-track on WHY it is SENSIBLE for you to BELIEVE IN GOD. And one of those IS a free gift! Please read about them below.

Reality Check:
science meets religion

TO the right you can read the 'blurb' about my eBook designed to present you with the scientific and logical evidence there MUST be a God. Not only that, it goes over all the traditional objections and shows you the fallacies to such arguments.

A critical element of my approach is the recognition that the Holy Bible was written for an audience 2,000 years ago who could never grasp what Jesus might have told them today. In fact, certain things Jesus did say seem almost tongue-in-cheek. For example, he tells people the 'Kingdom of Heaven' is within them, whereas they could only fathom that Heaven must be up in the sky somewhere. In the modern world of space missions we can be pretty certain we are not talking about a Planet Heaven somewhere. So where is it? Science has evolved String Theory and a perception of multiple dimensions. This offers us a new concept: somewhere else that Heaven might be—within invisible dimensions in and around us, rather as radio waves are present and within us: yet unseen. Jesus' remark could have intimated this!

The ultimate goal of science is to come up with a 'Theory of Everything' in which all things are connected. Such unity and stability would suggest ONE creative source. I am happy to call that God! Science and religion should one day meet at a place of better understanding.

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This accessible, thought-provoking and entertaining book reconciles religion and science in the modern world. It ratifies enigmas such as creation versus evolution and God's position when disaster strikes. It shows the logic of life after death and even how modern scientific theory may explain the location of Heaven.

If you sometimes struggle with conflicts between your religious beliefs and science, this book may resolve those problems. And if you never imagined there was a sound logical argument for belief in God then this book might just prove to be your godsend.

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Heaven: lost and found

This FREE eBook is a sampler along the lines that Heaven can be found in other dimensions of creation. In essence it is a free introduction to whet your appetite for the fuller work described above.

Reading this book is your easy way to delve a little more deeply into what I am offering you: without risking a bean!

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If you knew Heaven existed, wouldn’t you like to be a part of it after your life on earth expired? In biblical times, some 2,000 years ago, people imagined Heaven was a place somewhere up in the clouds, but that's hardly convincing today. But what is? Read this little eBook to find out.


Flying a Kite
contemporary fiction

The same ground as that covered by the above non-fiction works is also covered by this novel... in a very novel way. Its protagonist, Bruce Kramer, is faced with the challenge of quickly convincing a dying multi-millionaire there really is a God and Heaven. Although a light-hearted novel, a thriller, a romance, a humorous escapade, it is also a novel to truly make you think.

Bruce's project gradually builds up the evidence. The story includes numerous twists and turns and is the lightest and most entertaining way to get a grip on such stupendous and important matters: through the eyes of its sometimes quirky characters.

If you enjoyed reading The Shack or The Celestine Prophecy, then you should enjoy this similar approach: a multi-layered novel to make you think.

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Money had always solved everything for multi-millionaire Aldo Galliano. So when faced with his trickiest decision ever - whether to counter imminent death by cryonic preservation or faith in God and an afterlife - he offers a one-million pound prize for the most convincing argument either ‘for’ or ‘against’ the existence of God. Enter Bruce Kramer, a dropout theology graduate, who takes on mankind’s ultimate quest. But dangerous rivals will stop at nothing to prevent his success.

Deftly written, original, genuinely entertaining... a rewarding and entertaining read from beginning to end and highly recommended for personal and community library Contemporary Fiction collections.
Midwest Book Review

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